Stories for a brand new World

This group of shows which takes as their motivation the stories that form united states mythology: yarns and fables owned by cowboys, Indians, voyageurs, spinsters, and big town Horatio Algers. They are stories that have been glamourized by popular tradition, and which exist in iconic proportions. Yet they’ve been reasonably young, flexible tales, a maximum of 200 years old. Dempsey and Millan bend them so that they mirror a perspective that is different. By imposing an ironic lesbian and feminist reading/retelling upon these stories, they illuminate our history and our present, and create alternative archetypes that propose brand brand brand new “new globes.

The brief Tale of minimal Lizzie Borden is just a piece that posits rage as a justifiable, indeed rational psychological reaction to modern globe occasions. There are two main elements for this work, a printed text that is fond of the viewers become read at their leisure, and a performance that examines a woman’s anger that is modern. The narrative that is written the tale regarding the childhood of Victorian murderess, Lizzie Borden, who had been accused of killing her moms and dads. The live performance tells a tale of present-day kleptomania, grooming, and the rush to war in contrast to the print work’s 19th century, poetic style. In a tirade that is irony-laden Dempsey describes why she steals women’s publications.

“This isn’t a gun. This isn’t an axe. This might be a hatchet. A smaller sized, scaled straight straight down, more feminine, less version that is effectual. Maybe Not something, an accessory! And add-ons create interest. ”

Duration: five full minutes.

First performed: October 2001, Finding Feminisms seminar, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Printed text posted in Bedtime tales for the side of the World, Arbeiter Ring Press, 2012

Photos by William Eakin and Elaine Stocki

Other real time pieces in the show through the Headless Woman as well as the Lesbian adore tale for the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Skip Gray’s Marvellous Truth device exists as an installation and recording on vinyl.

Winnipeg Tarot Company

The Winnipeg Tarot Co. And its particular hope and enlightenment experts offered free tarot card readings throughout Winnipeg through the fall of 2010. Well-known designers from many different procedures staffed the portable tent that is fortune-telling Shawna Dempsey (performance musician), Sandee Moore (performance musician), Ian Ross (playwright), Ross McMillan (star), John K. Samson (musician and journalist), Caroline Gray (puppeteer and playwright), Rodrigo Munoz (musician), Maggie Nagel (star), Christine Fellows (musician) and Charles LeBlanc (journalist and actor). Readings had been obtainable in Spanish, French, Japanese and English. The crew of art-intuitives travelled from senior houses to shopping centers, the airport towards the hockey arena, for five days, making use of Winnipeg’s effective psychic emanations. The tool of their trade ended up being an entirely redesigned tarot card deck featuring well-known internet sites and icons of Winnipeg, produced by Dempsey and Millan, illustrated by Bonnie Marin bondage chat sites and designed by Mike Carroll.

The performance started at Portage spot Mall on Saturday September 25, 2010. Also prior to the tent had been put up, a line-up that is two-hour, including an octogenarian World War II war bride along with her Canadian-born spouse, teens nevertheless awake type partying the night time prior to, a Latin American medical care worker on her behalf solution to work, a businessman in a suit and connect, a greatly tattooed biker, plus an architecture pupil. Only at that as well as all the venues, audience/participants originated from all parts of society to unburden by themselves and get concerns concerning the way and meaning of these everyday lives. The closeness amongst the performers additionally the individuals at those brief moments ended up being profound. Even though musicians prefaced each session utilizing the terms, they were listened to“ I cannot read the future”, people brought their hopes and fears, and.

Re re Payment when it comes to fortune-telling solution had been just accepted in tales about Winnipeg. Residents could also go right to the internet site while having an electronic card reading and key in their Winnipeg tales. Over the length of the task nearly 1000 tales had been gathered and soon after deposited within the Winnipeg Archives.

This Cultural Capitals project, commissioned because of the Winnipeg Arts Council, tapped in to the miracle and secret of our town, and created an intersection that is meaningful musicians and residents to speak about our provided futures.

To own your fortune read, hear tale or keep an account, head to http: //

Duration: 5 days

Performed: September and October 2010, throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba, in coffee stores, areas, libraries, cafes, etc.

Photos by Lorri Millan and Leif Norman

Target Marketing

The ways that press has changed our relationship to language and activism is explored through thi first-person narrative into that your symbols of terrorism literally drop through the ceiling.

It’s estimated that over the following two hundreds of years, 40% for the world’s extant languages will no be contemporary modes longer of idea or phrase. During the time that is same “dominant” languages are devolving to the brevity of marketing journalism. Sentence length is shrinking, and descriptives have emerged as superfluous. With this particular de-languagification, ideas in addition to countries are increasingly being lost. These shows go through the irony associated with proven fact that, at the same time once we have actually the way to discussion and advocate locally, nationwide and globally, we losing ab muscles language with which we communicate.

“The following performance contains no nudity, physical physical physical violence or language that is coarse. No pets had been harmed when you look at the development with this piece, with no meat will prepare yourself or consumed on phase. Be forewarned that you will have no strobe lights, fireworks or pyrotechnics of every type or type, with no gunshots is likely to be fired. What you are actually planning to see will bore kids, older people, and the ones of you in-between. Time will crawl by and you may curse the close buddy who brought you right here. You certainly will think about asking for the money-back, but that could need interaction that is one-on-one the performer after which you could never ever move out of right here (laugh). No, tonight’s spectacle will in no means be dazzling. In fact the dazzling are studiously avoided, which means this won’t be most of a spectacle after all. ”

Duration: 20 mins

First performed: October 2006, Studio XX, Montreal, Quebec

Photos by William Eakin