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Forgive me visitors while I have not hesitated to detail the flakiness of Colombian women for I have sinned

I have improperly calculated their overall worth by neglecting to price in their inevitable embrace of Western norms and technology while I have not hesitated to detail the flakiness of Colombian women, the craziness of Argentine women, the butterfaces of Poland, or the transactional nature of Ukrainian women.

It is not a re-consideration of US ladies, for they continue being in the bottom of my barrel, however a better study of just what a lady is and what they’re with the capacity of. It’s the acknowledgement, very very long feared, that everything we see in the us is starting to become more widespread all over the world with each moving year, plus the desire hanging up our shoes in poosy utopia where we could secure gorgeous, sweet, compliant ladies with relative simplicity for a extended time period would probably deserve to stay in the realm of fiction. Verder lezen