The race to do this is by no means boring, on the contrary.

The race to do this is by no means boring, on the contrary.

Especially when it comes to the spontaneous start, the Wolfsburg doesn’t really want to convince. Don’t get it wrong. Here, too, 250 km / h are no problem, and once the turbo starts to wind, it goes just as quickly forward, only at that moment it doesn’t feel like 280 hp. It doesn’t matter whether the gears are engaged using the rocker switch or the seven-stage machine.

The only explanation at the moment is the Euro 6d-ISC-FCM emissions standard that the engine must meet. Well, be that as it may, that’s gripe at a high level. However, this is also where the consumption during sporty journeys lies. There is nothing to be done here under 11 liters, if you take it easy, you can get out of the running with a pleasing 6.8 liters. Commuters should adjust to values ​​of around 8.8 liters in the third mix, but if you actually use the Shooting Brake to a reasonable extent to get to work, you should take a look at the hybrid.

In the maze of curves in the Harz mountains, he delighted with the best road holding of all tested variants. The 13 kWh battery lowered the center of gravity so well that the handsome man pulled in and out of the bends most precisely here. In addition, the 156 hp petrol engine, in interplay with the 115 hp electric motor, conjured up quite a fabulous consumption over the 35-kilometer test route up and downhill.

Four liters were booked for the combustion engine, the battery was still 62 percent full at the end, and a total of 21 kilometers were covered without emissions, i.e. only with the electric drive. The result was now entirely the responsibility of the electronics, which calculated the changes between the engines according to the topography and the pilot’s foot on the accelerator. Certainly you can be even more economical on the road here, you can also cover longer distances purely electrically or you can save the battery for driving through town at the end of the road.

How economical such a hybrid is in the end depends, of course, on the driver and, above all, on the charge volume of the battery. With a load volume of 565 to 1632 liters, you shouldn’t have any problems loading the Arteon Shooting Brake. (Photo: Holger Preiss) Who that does not want, is on the road a lot and for a long time, the diesel is recommended in the traditional manner. With the 200 hp variant, not much can go wrong. The maximum torque of 400 Newton meters is already available from 1750 crankshaft revolutions and push the Shooting Brake to highway speed in 7.4 seconds, with a top speed of 230 km / h.

The 66 liters of fuel should be enough for a good 1400 kilometers at a time. As with the other engine variants, the steering and chassis, which can also be adjusted on request, are beyond any doubt. Either way, the Shooting Brake willingly follows the driver’s commands, noticeably overruns the hardship of the road, but absolutely calmly and is therefore always suitable for all journeys. Of course, they want to be paid for, and that doesn’t mean the fuel in whatever form it may drive, no, it means the purchase price.

The Arteon Shooting Brake starts with the 150 hp diesel from 44,387 euros. But since, despite the strong basic equipment with Digital Cockpit Pro, the Discover Media navigation system and LED headlights, the tire pressure control, air conditioning and parking aid are among the optional equipment, let alone all the driver assistants, you quickly reached over 50,000 euros. You can easily get over this sum with the other models discussed here. For the sports variant, perhaps even as an R-Line, fully equipped, 70,000 euros are quickly transferred to Wolfsburg, and that is a hefty sum. Source: “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of fuel cell cars To protect the world from climate-damaging CO2, the fight against combustion has been announced. Battery electric vehicles should fix it. But they are not really practical for all users.

It is different with a fuel cell car like the Hyundai Nexo, as the practical test by showed. By Holger Preiss “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of Kia models” The DTM has waved off. (Photo: imago images / HochZwei) The name DTM has value in motorsport. Or had? Because now the racing class is losing its unique selling point.

She becomes one of many. The makers, however, are tinkering with the future – although, according to their critics, they are relying on the wrong drive. The cut is radical, but no – not everything will be different from next year. “” I love the name DTM “, says Gerhard Berger,” “it will stay forever.” “These three letters, so the chairman’s hope, are so strong as a brand that they will continue to stand out in international motorsport. The problem: From 2021 the name DTM will stand for a fairly ordinary racing series. Because with the season finale in Hockenheim last weekend, the big manufacturers turned their backs on them, there will now be no more unique prototypes, instead private racing teams and cheaper GT3 cars. René Rast believes that the DTM will “” no longer be the same.

The Mindener says this with some sadness. On Sunday he won his third title in four years and was the face of this series, which for him has always been “” the greatest under Formula 1 “”. But now the DTM is losing its unique selling point, because there are many GT3 series in the world, including one that is already quite successful in Germany: the ADAC GT Masters. Berger and his team were aware of all this – but there was hardly any alternative. In order to somehow continue the DTM, an affordable model had to be found, one for which no new cars had to be developed.

The GT3 sport was obvious: the manufacturers sell their GT cars to customer teams and then don’t have much to do with the DTM. There is nothing unique about it anymore. But in order for the DTM to stand out from the crowd again in the future, Berger is pursuing a different plan anyway. The DTM is to become a platform with several pillars. In addition to the GT3, there is also a smaller GT4, a Classic series with older racing cars – and as a lighthouse project the “” DTM Electric “”.

This is due to start in 2023, and the plans are definitely attracting attention. Driven by four electric motors, the touring car-look cars are supposed to put more than 1000 hp on the road – they would be on a Formula 1 level and about twice as powerful as the current DTM cars. A prototype has already been presented at the Hockenheimring. With such a powerful racing series, probably the calculation, the manufacturers could also be brought back.

Although these are already represented in the all-electric Formula E, in case of doubt the advertising effect for the brands is greater if the racing cars look similar to their street cars. So the DTM is driving an ambitious project forward, but there is a risk here too: You could run after current developments again. If it stays at 2023, then the electric DTM will come almost ten years after Formula E. And numerous experts are already warning that the battery drive is not a long-term solution for mobility either.

Instead, there is increasing interest in hydrogen-powered fuel cells. Incidentally, a racing series powered by such vehicles will also be available from 2023. Not brought into being by the DTM, but by the ADAC. Source:, Thomas Weitekamp, ​​sid “Mercedes’ dominance in qualifying ends in the 13th race of the 2020 Formula 1 season. Lance Stroll drives sensationally at Racing Point on pole position, the designated world champion Lewis Hamilton remains far behind.

For Sebastian Vettel there is at least a little positive in the disappointment: The difficult conditions during qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix caused a lot of excitement in the battle for the best starting positions. The best lap on the course in Istanbul was achieved by Lance Stroll, who took pole position at Racing Point for the first time in his Formula 1 career. In the 13th race of the season, the otherwise dominant Mercedes team for the first time missed putting the fastest car on the track on Saturday. The 22-year-old Canadian excelled in a sensational 1: 47.765 minutes. “Words fail me, you couldn’t expect something like that,” said Stroll.

Max Verstappen (+0.290 seconds) in the Red Bull will complete the first row on Sunday (11.10 a.m. / RTL and in the live ticker at Stroll’s team-mate Sergio Perez (+1.556), who will be his cockpit for the coming season, will start from third place loses future Aston Martin racing team to Sebastian Vettel. The German four-time world champion, who won his first title ten years ago today, got out of the Ferrari once again disillusioned after the second qualifying segment. “” We slipped around a lot, we just didn’t get any temperature in the tires, “said Vettel. More than twelfth place was not possible, but at least he left Charles Leclerc in the second Ferrari behind him in qualifying for the second time this year – the Monegasse starts from 14th, the reigning title holder Lewis Hamilton, who is in Turkey for the fourth time in a row who won the world championship, surprisingly finished sixth, 4.795 seconds behind Stroll.

His only remaining competitor, stable mate Valtteri Bottas, was even slower in ninth (+5.493) and failed to increase the pressure on the British. Bottas has to score at least eight more World Championship points than Hamilton if he wants to prevent the latter from drawing level with record champion Michael Schumacher with his seventh title. Like the training units, the qualification was characterized by difficult track conditions. The new and slippery asphalt in Istanbul Park already posed major problems for the drivers in the dry, but this time, unlike the day before, there was also rain. In the third free practice session, hardly anyone had managed to achieve a serious fast lap; qualifying was then interrupted in the first section for around 40 minutes. The precipitation was too heavy, the cars slipped from one tricky situation to the next on the soapy surface.

After that, Lance Stroll mastered the challenge most impressively. Source:, tsi “In the engine dispute in Formula 1 there has been a breakthrough. The team leaders from Ferrari and Renault have given in and on the edge of the Bahrain Grand Prix ( Sunday, 3.10 p.m. / RTL as well as in the live ticker) in favor of a development stop of the drive units from 2022. This means that Red Bull and its sister team AlphaTauri will remain in the top class Formula 1 travels around the world 70 times.

The tires smoke on the routes from Austria to Abu Dhabi and each one has its own special charm. ntv motorsport expert Christian Danner explains curve by curve what the racing drivers can expect. You can now follow the qualification for the Grand Prix in the live ticker as well as on RTL’s TV colleagues. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of Formula 1dpa Lewis Hamilton breaks one record after the next in Formula 1. The 35-year-old wants to protect his surname as a trademark so that nothing and nobody can adorn himself with his glorious name But intellectual property doesn’t play a role. Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi is fighting his way back to life: five months after his fatal accident with a truck, the handbiker is moved to a clinic near his home.

Zanardi has “” achieved “general physical stability” “, announced his hospital. Who is Mick Schumacher? An RTL documentary investigates this question, which has closely followed the racing driver with the famous father and the great surname for several years. From the three-year-old who gets into a kart to the young man who is on the threshold of Formula 1. Finally another success: Sebastian Vettel is leaving a Formula 1 race for the first time in a long time with a trophy in his luggage.

He then simply brushes away a critical question – and things look a little better for the new season. Lewis Hamilton drives to the record title in Turkey with a world-class drive. The international press pays homage to the Briton not only because of his outstanding athletic qualities.

Sebastian Vettel’s greatest success in a year is almost completely lost. The Formula 1 season continues after the Turkish Grand Prix, but the title has already been taken: Lewis Hamilton draws level with Michael Schumacher. The race to do this is by no means boring, on the contrary.

Among other things, Sebastian Vettel provides a surprise. Lewis Hamilton crowns himself the Formula 1 record champion and the world is upside down. While the new and old world champion shows himself moved after the “” victory for eternity “”, the press pays homage to him as the “” king of the racetrack “”.

Some even lack the superlatives. By David Bedürftig “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of Formula 1dpa The surprise winner of the Monza Grand Prix is ​​Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman achieves his first Formula 1 victory and puts his nation in ecstasy.

There is only ridicule for Ferrari because of the next debacle. Some are really grateful for the mistake of Mercedes world champion Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes team overlooks the blocked pit lane, Lewis Hamilton drives in – and has to pay. The victory is over for the Formula 1 world champion.

But that faux pas pales in view of the disgrace that Ferrari puts on in Monza. Neither Sebastian Vettel nor Charles Leclerc cross the finish line. The Italian Grand Prix is ​​a historic Formula 1 race.

The victory was sensationally won by Pierre Gasly in the AlphaTauri, who fended off the attack by McLaren driver Carlos Sainz. Ferrari experiences a debacle, Hamilton has no chance after a penalty. After 26 of 53 laps, it’s over for now: the Italian Grand Prix was interrupted by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc after a violent accident. His team-mate Sebastian Vettel retired after just a few laps with a brake failure. You copied parts of your racing car at the engine partner Mercedes.

That’s why Racing Point is severely punished by the World Motorsport Federation. The Formula 1 racing team appeals – and is now withdrawing. With that the “” distraction for us and the other teams “” is over.

The Ferrari soul is battered.